The Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

Over the last several decades more and more emphasis has been placed on getting the proper amount of sleep and how that relates to the type of mattress you sleep on. Choosing a mattress is not an easy decision these days. You literally have hundreds of choices in different styles and price ranges. You also have to choose between such important features as foam or coil construction. Well now you don’t have to factor that in anymore because the Alexander Signature Hybrid from Nest Bedding has both.

Nest Bedding is a company that has a solid reputation in the mattress industry. Take a look at the features this mattress has to offer and you will see why:


  • Perfect for people who crave a medium-firm mattress
  • Sizes range from twin all the way to California King
  • Quadruple layering for supreme comfort and stability
  • Soft, cool quilted top layer
  • Mattress feels bigger than its size thanks to the edge coils


There is certainly a lot to like about the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress. It definitely has many features that are uncharacteristic of a mostly foam mattress. With that being said, no mattress is 100% perfect and this nice mattress is no exception. Let’s take a look at some of the good and bad you get with this mattress.


  • Virtually motion free, no problem if your partner tosses and turns
  • 100 night free trial
  • Does not sink like a normal foam mattress


  • Not for people that need extra-firm back support
  • No Foam mattress can replicate true box spring feel
  • Needs a solid surface underneath it


It’s pretty obvious Nest Bedding put a lot of thought into the design of this mattress. If you will read TempurPedic reviews, you will see that they put many features into the design that take it a big step higher than normal foam mattresses and they did it for a price around $1000 (depending on size).

Take the quilted foam cover for example. It is extremely soft in nature. So soft in fact you do not even have to use a mattress pad with this bed. You might even make it less comfortable if you do.

Extra support and comfort is not the only thing that the foam cells and coils in this mattress give you either. The denseness of the foam cells will do such things as help repel moisture and keep nuisance bugs away too. You also will not notice any funny odors with this hybrid foam material. It is definitely the type of foam bedding that will hold up well for a long period of time.


It’s very interesting the way Nest bedding put this mattress together. It has a variety of different layers that come together to make this mattress so comfortable. It is a true hybrid mattress in every sense of the word. The multi-layered construction helps keep you cool as you sleep and makes this a medium-high firmness mattress. That is rare for mattresses that are primarily made out of foam.

Here are the different layers used in the construction of this mattress that make it very unique:

  • Layer 1: 2 Inch Quilted Cover

This layer is solely designed for comfortable contact with your skin. It allows for good air flow around your body and

  • Layer 2: 2 Inch Gel Memory Foam – Infused With Copper

This initial layer of support tends to pull heat away from your body as you sleep on it. The infused copper in it acts as a conduit for the heat.

  • Layer 3: 2 Inches of Smartflow Foam

This is an additional layer of poly blend foam that provides a little bit of cooling in its own way and further supports your body as you sleep.

  • Bottom support layer: zoned edge support pocketed coils

This is what stiffens this mattress up a little towards the outer edges of it. This feature makes it different than most predominantly foam constructed mattresses.

All these layers come together to make this hybrid foam mattress unusually comfortable compared to some.

At a full 13 inches thick it does not require a box spring and can sit right on a regular slatted bed frame.


There are so many things to like about this mattress it is hard to choose one best feature. With that being said, you really cannot possibly overlook what Nest bedding calls there ‘Zoned Edge Support Pocketed Coils’. One of the biggest complaints that people have about foam betting is that they feel like they are going to fall off it when they get near the edge. This is because there is no edge support in most foam mattresses.

That is not a problem when you sleep on the Alexander Signature Hybrid. The zoned edge support pocketed coils tend to stiffen up the mattress significantly around the outer edges of this. You just don’t get that sinking unsupported feeling around the edges of the Alexander Signature Hybrid like you do with non-hybrid foam mattresses.

This special layer also supports the back well and greatly aids in the top layer being a movement-free sleep surface.


If you want a mattress that gets somewhat close to the feel of an expensive box spring mattress without the cost, then this fine hybrid foam mattress may do the trick nicely for you. It offers medium-high support which is as good as you will find in a mostly foam mattress. The innovative bottom coils keep the whole mattress supported and usable too. Nest bedding is truly leading the way in innovative foam mattress design.

We have no problem recommending taking a look at this mattress to anyone who is currently in the market to buy a new one.

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